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Natural Couture

Queen Waist Beads

Queen Waist Beads

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Check out our handmade waist beads!

All waist beads are a standard size of approximately 60” to allow for sizing and adjustment of your choice. 

Be careful not to yank or pull waistbeads when removing clothing, going to the restroom, etc. This may cause the waistbeads to break. 

Color meanings: 

Black- Bold, elegant and powerful

Brown- Home, earthy and endurance

Dark Grey- Classic, responsible and authority

Gold- History, tradition and valuable

Hot Pink- Playful, flirtatious and steamy

Light Blue- Calming, water and healing

Light Grey- Neutral, wisdom and practical

Pink- Love, tenderness and healing

Red- Passion, emotion and powerful

Teal- Coolness, sophisticated and harmony

Yellow- Joy, summer and friendly

Blue- Brings peace, self control and trust

Cream- Soft, comforting and soothing 

Dark Red- Rich, increases your metabolism and refined

Green- Hope, healthy and nature

Lavender- Romantic, aromatic and sentimental

Light Green- Refreshing, youth and harmony

Orange- Happy, fire and energetic

Purple- Spirituality, transformation and creative

Silver- Intelligence, security and classy

White- Goodness, spirit and airy

Clear- gifted and clever 





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