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Natural Couture

Night Goddess Print Bellbottom Jumper

Night Goddess Print Bellbottom Jumper

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Add some flare to your wardrobe with this African Print Flare Bottom Jumpsuit. With a flared ruffle neckline, 3/4 sleeves, and bell bottom flares at the bottom of each pant leg, this jumpsuit has a fun, retro look that's perfect for the confident fashionista. It includes two pockets so you can keep your necessities close by. It also includes a head wrap for easy accessorizing, wear it as a belt for extra flair. Great for casual wear, this jumpsuit can be worn as is or you can try adding a belt for an extra fashionable touch. Treat yourself with this flare bottom jumpsuit. 100% Cotton.

  • 100% Cotton. 
  • Will fit up to a 52" bust
  • Will fit a 28"-54" waist
  • 53" long
  • 20" sleeves


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