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Natural Couture

Natural Couture Body Oils

Natural Couture Body Oils

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1/3 oz Pure 100% fragrance oil. Grade A Uncut. 

Summer Love (Unisex) - Seduce and delight with this delicious exotic fragrance. Made with base notes of raspberry, cantaloupe, and watermelon, middle notes of jasmine and violet, and fresh top notes of grapefruit and kumquat.

 Tom Ford Black Orchid (Women)- The custom grown (and über rare) BLACK ORCHID is the show-stopping note in this incredibly luxurious scent. Sultry woods and rich fruit accords help to bring out the skin's natural perfume.

Egyptian Musk (Unisex)- Imagine the pyramids towering above the waves of sand as a breath of wind from the nile cools your body. Purely exotic. All this in one ravishing fragrance you can experience for yourself! Indulge yourself in this amazing new aroma. A strong woody scent made with musk that has been used for centuries to bring attraction and sexuality to the wearer.

Black Woman (Women)-  Supremely Feminine, Rich and Warm. Surround your senses with an aura of luxury with Black Woman fragrance oil. Made with a blend of rich woods and oriental florals.

Michelle Obama (Women)- Reflecting her love for clean and fresh citrus fragrances, this is a delicate composition of orange blossom and citrus notes drying down to soft and powdery musk. A beautifully soft, clean scent for every woman.

Barack Obama (Men)- Celebrate with a Clean, Refreshing Scent. Be inspired by the zest and crispness of Barack Obama type for men. Made with rejuvenating notes of citrus, green leaves and marine notes.

Creed Aventus (Men)- Be daring and provocative with this luxurious masculine fragrance. Made with a blend of black currant, bergamot, apple, pineapple, rose, dry birch, Moroccan jasmine, patchouli, oak moss, musk, ambergris, and vanilla.

 Dior Sauvage (Men)- Embrace raw, bold masculinity with Sauvage fragrance for men. This classic, earthy fragrance combines notes of Reggio Bergamot, Sichuan pepper, and Ambroxan.

 Issey Miyake (Men)- Transport your Senses to a new level of Pleasure. Delight in Issey Miyake type for Men. This strong, masculine scent will make you the center of attention wherever you go. Made with a ravishing blend of lily of the valley, bergamot (calming), cedar (relieves anxiety), tuberose (strengthening), and amber (symbolic of good luck).

 Amber White (Unisex)- A fragrance for a new generation of seductress Amber white fragrance oil emits both purity and seduction in its first impression of fresh amber. Luminous and textured, the aroma will surround you with a new spirit of sexiness and intrigue!

Pink Sugar (Women)-Show off your distinctive personality with pink sugar for women type by Aquolina. Brings back memories of sweet childhood with its blend of vanilla, caramel, strawberry, and licorice. Also accented with notes of bergamot, sicilian orange, raspberry, fig leaves, lily of the valley, red fruit, cotton candy, barbe-a-papa, musk, wood, and powder. Recommended for daytime wear.

Juicy (Unisex)- The sweet, yet fresh lightly fruity fragrance that everyone has been asking for. Melons, peaches, apples, pears and more...

Mango butter (Unisex)- This exuberant, sweet scent is excellent for daytime wear. Smooth and pleasant buttery mango fragrance. 

Black Butter (Unisex)- Black Butter Fragrance Oil is a deliciously rich oil that will leave you feeling pampered. It has a soft yet exotic touch and an intoxicating smell that you will fall in love with. Smooth and creamy it has hints of buttery mango and vanilla. Immerse yourself in luxury.

Frankincense & Myrrh (Unisex)- Frankincense and Myrrh have a long, storied history as scents. In the ancient world they were precious spices that were highly prized. They were royal scents. They held a great deal of religious and spiritual meaning. They symbolized protection, purity and spirituality. Frankincense is a woody aroma that has a scent reminiscent of pine and lemon. Myrrh is an earthy aroma that has some similarities to black licorice. They have a rich, calming scent that is highly prized for aromatherapy and meditation. A luxurious, delightful scent that is captivating both day and night. Feel like royalty with Frankincense and Myrrh.

Blue Nile (Unisex)- Blue Nile Unisex Fragrance Oil was designed to remind the wearer of all the multitude of scented flowers that grow from the Nile. It is a refreshing, floral scent with the floral essence strongly tempered by a stable base. It can be worn by both men and women. It can be worn from the fall through the spring. It is makes a splendid scent for the summer night. The floral background means that is good scent to wear to a spring picnic or day at the beach.

M7 Oud by Yves Saint Laurent (Men)-M7 Oud by Yves Saint Laurent contains top notes of mandarin orange and mineral notes. It contains heart notes of exotic oud and bright patchouli. It finishes with base notes of rockrose, myrrh, and sensual amber. Phthalate Free.

Berry Flirt by Bath and Bodyworks(Women)-Berry Flirt by Bath and Bodyworks contains top notes of plum blossom, red berries, crisp apple, and iced petals. It contains heart noes of peach blossom, candied violet, and camellia. It finishes with base notes of scrumptious vanilla bean, sensual musk, and blonde woods. Phthalate Free.

Black Man (Men)- Black Man opens with accords of natural rum and luminous spices that is followed by tuberose, soft iris and rich leather. The base note are composed of benzoin, exotic tonka bean and guaiac wood.

Flower Bomb (Women)- Flower Bomb has top notes of bergamot and aromatic tea. It has floral heart notes of freesia and orchid with the exotic spice of jasmine. It finishes with base notes of Centiflora rose and the bright scent of patchouli.

Mercedes Benz (Women)- Mercedes Benz contains top notes of Bergamot and juicy peach. It contains heart notes of sparkling mimosa and floral notes. It finishes with base notes of bright patchouli, scrumptious vanilla and exotic white musk. Mercedes Benz by Mercedes Benz is a sweet, refined scent for women that recalls the luxury of Mercedes Benz brand. Phthalate Free.

Rastafarian Fragrance (Men)-  Embrace charisma and masculinity with this warm, fresh fragrance for men. Made with elegant, seasonal ingredients only found in Ethiopia. African plants, woods, and leather are the notes that make this fragrance stand out.

Sugar Cookie (Women)- The sense memory of sugar cookies and the pleasant memories associated with them also boosts your mood, creates endorphins that energize us, and lowers blood pressure.Top -Sugar, Butter. Middle -Cinnamon, Cream. Bottom -Vanilla. 

Yves Saint Laurent: Y (Men)- Y, the new masculine fragrance by Yves Saint Laurent. Inspired by the iconic Yves Saint Laurent white t-shirt and black jacket, this Eau De Toilette represents a balance between freshness and strength. Like a crisp white t-shirt, notes of bergamot, sage and ginger offer a sharp juicy freshness to challenge convention and exceed all expectations. At its base, soft notes of balsam fir, cedarwood and marine ambergris embody the subtle power of a tailored black jacket that is refined, chic and surprisingly powerful. An authentic and bold creation; masculinity re-defined.

Kiss by Rhianna (Women)-Sensual and feminine scent with a combination of sweet floral notes and spicy, woody base notes that is meant to represent Rhianna’s wild and feminine spirit. It can be used in incense burners or on your skin. It has top notes of neroli, plum and freesia with heart notes of peony, orange blossoms and gardenia and base notes of cashmere wood, cedar, ambergris and musk.

Juliette has a Gun- Not a Perfume (Women)- Different from any other perfume you may have in your collection, it has just one note, Ambrox. Ambox originated as a substitute to grey amber, which was often too expensive to use in ordinary fragrances. It has become very popular as a base note, here takes center stage as the only note. The result is typically subtle yet somewhat intriguing. It often smells different to the wearer than it does to those smelling it on the wearer. It also seems to work with the individual wearer and the result is something somewhat unique to each person who wears it. Made of simple molecules, it is non-allergenic and doesn’t follow the rule of modern perfumery. Be a bit of a rebel and try Not a Perfume today! This oil is phthalate free.
Kush (Men)-  Imagine being transported to an oasis of warm, blue skies with cool water softly meeting the sand, the shade of palm trees providing relief from the sun and the scent of exotic spices wafting on the air. Then imagine a day at the oasis turning into a beautifully moonlit night that bathes everything in a soft, sensual light while the stars come out. That is where the rich aroma of Kush Fragrance Oil transports you to. It is a soothing blend of woods, spices and musk that appeals to the senses and brings romance and intrigue to any environment. 

Killian: Straight to Heaven (Men)-  A celestial and subtle fragrance for men that will bring the wearer a growing sense of the beauty of the world and the joy to be found in it every day. It contains notes of Virginia cedar, smoky rum, bright patchouli, dried fruits, nutmeg, sensual musk, scrumptious vanilla, exotic amber, and jasmine. It is ideal fragrance for the man with a positive and exploratory spirit who is always on a quest for higher understanding. With a blend of woody, exotic, sensual, and rum notes, it is the ideal fragrance for starry night of celebration and making new connections.
Bath and Body Works: Strawberry Pound Cake (Women)- The mingled smells of strawberries, rich buttery cake and sweet whipped cream are irresistible. So is our Strawberry Pound Cake scented oil. Even if you usually wear sophisticated scents, you’ll want to unwind in the nostalgic comfort of a Strawberry Pound Cake bubble bath after a hard day.
Carolina Herrera: Good Girl (Women)-Take your senses on an exhilirating escape with Good Girl fragrance oil. This sexy oriental fragrance is comprised of tuberose, roasted tonka bean, white Sambac jasmine, and cocoa.

Kilian: Love Don’t Be Shy (Women)- Beautiful blend of floral, amber and marshmallow. Also know as Rihanna’s fragrance. 

Escada: Candy Love (Women)- Launched in 2020, Candy Love by Escada is a delectable, fun scent for women that has the energy and excitement of a sugar rush. It contains top notes of sweet candy apple accord, heart notes of romantic rose centifolia, and finishes with base notes of vanilla whipped cream. It is the ideal scent for the young and vibrant woman who has a longing for romance. With delicious notes of candy apple and scrumptious vanilla whipped cream combined with romantic rose centifolia it is the ideal scent for a night out on a romantic quest. 

Ariana Grande: Sweet Like Candy (Women)-  Launched in 2016, Sweet Like Candy by Ariana Grande is a sweet treat for the senses. The mix of fruit accords like blackberry and pear with floral notes like jasmine sambac and honeysuckle and the candy sweet notes of vanilla and marshmallow make this a true confectionary delight. It is a dreamy, sugary scent for a young woman with adventure and romance on her mind. Light and sweet enough for daytime wear and irresistible enough for a night of love.Sweet like candy has fruity top notes of sugar-frosted blackberry, pear and Italian bergamot. It has floral heart notes of exotic jasmine sambac, sweet honeysuckle and frangipani. It finishes with delectably sweet notes of vanilla and marshmallow.

Le Feu d’Issey Light (Women)- Launched in 2020. Top notes are Aniseed, Bergamot, Mahogany and Coconut. Heart notes are Milk, Rose, Caramel, Hydrangea and Jasmine. Base notes are Cedar, Musk, Guaiac Wood , Sandalwood, Amber and Vanilla. 

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